‘Fishy’ tsunami sign near Kota Tinggi turns out to be untrue

By Ben Tan

JOHOR BARU, Aug 18 — It created a stir and raised concerns.

Pictures of the local community collecting schools of fish that had washed ashore along Pantai Mansor in Tuan Seh, Tanjung Sedili, near Kota Tinggi, on Tuesday created a buzz over social media.

Many said the bizarre situation was a natural catastrophe warning, sparking fears of an impending tsunami.

However, checks later revealed the marine life — small-sized sin croaker fish (ikan gelama), sardine (ikan selayang), pomfret (ikan bawal) and threadfin (ikan senangin) — had been hauled in by fishing trawlers, and later dumped on the beach as the sizes were found to be inadequate for the market.

Sedili Fishermen Association chairman Abdul Majid Abdul Rahman denied there were fish being washed to shore as claimed over social media.

“From past experience, fishermen in the area would haul between two and 10 tonnes of catch when the weather is good, as is currently now,” he said.

“It is normal for fishermen to throw the small catch overboard for villagers to collect.”

Abdul Majid assured the people that claims of an impending tsunami were baseless.