Fitness counseling session held in J-K's Srinagar on 'World Physiotherapy Day'

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A fitness counselling session was held in Srinagar on occasion of World Physiotherapy Day. (Photos/ANI)
A fitness counselling session was held in Srinagar on occasion of World Physiotherapy Day. (Photos/ANI)

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], September 9 (ANI): A fitness counseling session was held on Wednesday in Srinagar on the occasion of World Physiotherapy Day, which is celebrated worldwide on September 8.

World Physiotherapy Day aims to make people aware of the importance of physiotherapy. So with this intention, the event was organized by the Indian Association of Physiotherapists in collaborations with the Jammu and Kashmir Sports Council and Jammu and Kashmir Football Association.

Doctors and officials were present at the venue, a synthetic football turf in Srinagar, to educate energetic young players, both boys and girls on the importance of physiotherapy.

Youngsters playing Football, Cricket and Martial Arts were present at the venue to attend the screening, consultation and fitness counseling session free of cost. Activities like running, exercises were organized and players facing issues in their muscles, back, knee etc. were treated.

Dr. Masrat Shafi, a Physiotherapist and the organizer of the event, talked to ANI about the intention of the event.

"Through this event, we are making an effort to help budding youth and professionals know the role of physiotherapy. It is not only needed after an injury but during training too. It is a movement science. We are also focusing on treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. We are receiving a great response so far. We will hold an Assessment and Counseling Camp as well. We will assess and identify various aspects of fitness of children and hand them over charts to help them know where they stand and where they can improve their fitness," Shafi said.

Nuzhat Gul, the Secretary of J-K Sports Council said, "Physiotherapy is vital. Because if a player is fit only then he will be able to play. Player should know how to prevent injuries. Sports scientists and physiotherapists have a huge role in telling the players the Dos and Donts to prevent injuries."

Dr. Taaliya Qadri, while talking to ANI, talked about the results of screening of player's flexibility.

"We did a screening of players here. It is sad that the flexibility of a lot of players is extremely poor, which is a big cause of injuries. 25 out of 35 girls have been deemed unfit to play in the screening."

Players also shared their thoughts on the importance of physiotherapy and their experiences with this science.

"Physiotherapy is important. I remember having a leg sprain that could not be healed by having medicines for 2 months given by an orthopaedist. But a visit to a physiotherapist healed it in two weeks. Physiotherapy is important for players since we train excessively and our body takes a lot of load. With the rise in sports culture, we need advanced physiotherapy," said Afreen Haider, a Martial Arts player.

Shabir Ahmad, a Football player said, "I have been playing football since 10 years and indeed, physiotherapy is important in preventing injuries. In fact, it is important not only for sportsmen but for people in other fields too." (ANI)

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