Five apps for couples who can't get enough of each other

Love it or hate it, a slew of new apps are available to help couples stay connected, send virtual hugs, and organize to-do lists. Here are a few to try.

This San Francisco-based company has created a social network that lets romantic partners message each other, keep a shared calendar and to-do list, and swap photos and videos. Plus couples can send hugs or kisses by placing their phone against their chests or lips. Free.

Created in South Korea, this app bills itself as "a beautiful space where you can share all your moments only with the one that matters." Couples can send text messages with stickers and emojis, swap photos and texts, and create a special "memory box." Free.

Couple lets couples share lists, important dates, photos, sketches, and "thumbkisses." Free.

Grocery Smart
Now for practicalities: this app lets couples create and share grocery lists over multiple devices and cross items off the list or make changes, which will be synced across all of the connected devices. Free.

Feeling kinky but too shy to bring it up with your sexual partner? This app lets you float the idea by them without worrying about being rejected. The app collects responses to questions about hundreds of different intimate ideas and lets you know which of your desires match up with your partner's. €1.79;