Five exciting Kickstarter games for November: 'Creature Keeper,' 'Book of Travels,' 'Vertebreaker,' more

"Creature Keeper" combines "Pokémon" and "Zelda" and looks good while doing it, "Book of Travels" from the "Shelter" team invents the Tiny Multiplayer Online genre, and "Vertebreaker," from a "Sonic Mania" developer, puts a new spin on a classic formula. Then there's a comeback for picture puzzle collection "Say What You See" and social deception spaceship panic "Enemy on Board," all of whose Kickstarter campaigns end this month.

Creature Keeper (ends: November 13)
For PC, other platforms to be announced

[Kickstarter Trailer:]
Team up with wild creatures, as in "Pokémon," then fight alongside them like in an exceptionally manic "Legend of Zelda" (or a cuter "Diablo"). Then there's a pocket garden for growing things that's a bit like "Tetris," a scratch art bestiary and a cookery section to keep your animals in good form. Its developer returns to Kickstarter after helping make 2018's "Tangledeep." $15 USD for the game, expected March 2021; free demo from

Say What You See: Ultimate Edition (ends: November 20)
For iOS and Android

Spot the pop culture references crammed into each illustrated canvas in this sequel to a popular mobile hit from 2010. The "SWYS:UE" app, free to download with one starter canvas, will offer further canvases as in-app purchases or part of an ongoing subscription. For backers, it's £5 ($6.50 USD) for the basic tier that imports canvases from the older game, £10 ($13) for 10 canvas unlocks, and £35 ($45) for a year's Gold Pass. April 2020.

Enemy on Board (ends: November 21)
For Mac and PC

[Kickstarter Trailer:]
Six players begin as crew members on the spaceship Andromeda, two of them are deadly aliens in disguise. An action spin on social deception games Mafia and Werewolf, as developed by a team of former "League of Legends" developers. $5 or more for instant access to the current Alpha, eventual Beta and launch game.

Book of Travels (ends: November 25)
For Windows PC, Mac or Linux

[Announce Trailer:]
From the developer behind the nature-oriented "Shelter" series comes an inversion of the Massively Multiplayer Online genre -- the Tiny Multiplayer -- a serene social adventure with a mythical, early industrial feel and a hand-painted look. A concept video contains a rare glimpse at the studio's life and desire to work with backers to unlock the game's potential ( $21 for the basic game tier; due October 2020.

Vertebreaker (ends November 30)
For PC (Nintendo Switch as a stretch goal)

[Kickstarter Trailer:]
One half of the team behind 2017's fantastic "Sonic Mania," the Headcannon studio sends this one beyond running and jumping at speed by adding a good measure of slinging, swinging, slashing and bashing, all encased in a retro 16-bit style. All that grappling hook action makes it look a little bit like a zippy, graveyard "Bionic Commando." $15 or more for the game, which is expected July 2021. A free demo is available from the Kickstarter page.