Five nutritious and delicious Indian dishes to gorge on

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Five nutritious and delicious Indian dishes to gorge on
Five nutritious and delicious Indian dishes to gorge on

13 Oct 2021: Five nutritious and delicious Indian dishes to gorge on

Besides its grand history, beautiful cities, and magnificent forts, India is also known for its diverse food worldwide. While some of them can easily fall under the category of "unhealthy," believe it or not, there are certain dishes that are just as healthy as they are tasty. They are great for your health and you should not miss out on these nourishing Indian dishes.

Breakfast options: 'Poha' and 'chilla' are popular Indian breakfast options

Considering the ease of cooking, poha is a popular breakfast option and is topped with peas and peanuts. Packed with powerful nutrients, poha also digests easily. Another very popular breakfast option is chilla which is also an unleavened Indian pancake. Rich in plant-based protein, chilla also burns calories quickly due to the presence of low levels of glycemic index in it.

Lunch: 'Baingan bharta' for lunch, a thrill for your taste buds

Made from mashed and peeled eggplants, baingan bharta is a great thrill for your taste buds. After cooking and over-roasting baingan, you have to add it to a thick paste of tomato sauce infused with turmeric powder and spices like chili and coriander powder. It is also rich in curcumin which further prevents heart diseases and also controls blood sugar levels.

Combo: Don't forget made-in-heaven 'Idli-Sambhar' combo

Idli-Sambhar is a perfect combo! A famous south Indian delight, this dish feels like heaven. Loaded with numerous health benefits, this combo is also low in calories and will not make you fat. Sambhar, a nutritious powerhouse, and air-light idlis are also easily digestible. This amazing combo will make your stomach feel full for several hours.

Heart-healthy dish: 'Chole masala' is another amazingly healthy comfort food

Before you start bashing chole masala as an unhealthy dish, hear us out. The heartiest of Indian dishes, chole masala is made of chickpeas and thus considered to be a heart-healthy fiber. Even though it goes best with deep-fried puffed bread (bhatura), you can also enjoy it with Indian flatbread (roti). It is rich in proteins, magnesium and is also good for bone health.

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