Five police officers injured at anniversary march in Mexico city

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Mexico City (Mexico), October 3 (ANI/Sputnik): Five Mexican police officers were injured at a march commemorating the 1968 massacre at the Plaza of Three Cultures in Mexico City, the city's ministry of justice and public security said.

"Five employees of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (two women and three men) were injured, the victims were treated on the spot by personnel from the emergency medical unit (ERUM) without the need for hospitalization," the ministry said in a statement.

The march began at the Plaza of Three Cultures and ended in front of the National Palace. It was attended by 5,200 people and the events were generally peaceful, the police said.

A group of young people clad in black who hid their faces under masks and balaclavas --also known as encapuchados -- joined the march. The police separated the more aggressive march participants, who threw Molotov cocktails and attacked the city's police "with hammers, stones and explosives and burning objects," from the rest of the demonstration.

The demonstration in Mexico City was accompanied by 1,100 law enforcement officers and no protesters were detained. The police used only containment measures, shields and fire extinguishers.

Mass student rallies began in Mexico City in the summer of 1968 to protest the Olympics. On October 2, the Mexican Armed Forces opened fire at one of such marches. The number of the victims differs depending on the source, with a 2006 report putting it at 350. More than 2,000 were arrested on that day. (ANI/Sputnik)

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