Five Sabah villages, schools, inundated by floods


PITAS: About 1,200 people at five villages here have been affected by floods following continuous rain since last night.

Assistant district officer Bakri Nanun said affected villages are Kampung Layang, Kampung Solimpodon Darat, Kampung Solimpodon Laut, Kampung Sumbilingan and Kampung Dandun Darat.

“There has been no evacuation, but we are ready to set up relief centres for the victims,” he said.

Meanwhile, five primary schools were closed this morning as flood waters rose. The affected schools are SK Kusilad, SK Kasagaan, SK Sosop, SK Dalas and SK Pinggan-Pinggan here.

Bakri added that the rain has abated since the heavy downpour early this morning.

However, the readings at two major rivers here are at warning levels.

“Sungai Bengkoka is at 3.65 metres, while Sungai Kebatasan is at 5.7 metres as of 11am,” he said.

This is the second time the district has been hit by floods this year.

In January, more than 10 low-lying villages were inundated by floodwaters.