Five Singapore statistics that stunned in 2018

Singapore is the second most expensive city in Asia for wealthy people, after Shanghai. (File photo: Reuters/Edgar Su)

Singaporeans are mostly fitter, living longer and making more money, but what were some of the other numbers that defined life in the city-state in 2018? Yahoo News Singapore takes a look at five sets of statistics that stunned.

Making More and Losing It

We’re already comparatively wealthy, according to Credit Suisse, with Singaporean adults worth more than US$283,000 (S$388,000) on average. That puts us ninth in the global moneybags league. Individual positions may vary depending on the width of your bankroll, but we are earning more, with median salaries just above S$4,400 (US$3,213), up some S$200 a month from last year. We’re also losing more to criminals – especially to online scams that were up 58 per cent in the first half of 2018.

Easy Come, Easy Go

With so much wealth, Singaporeans have invented some fairly exotic ways to spend it. We already have some of the most expensive cars in the world; now our “Crazy Rich Asian” lifestyles are the second most expensive in Asia, after Shanghai. There are still deals to be had. Private bankers Julius Baer have a Lifestyle Index that tracks the sticker prices on essential goods such as pianos (eighth cheapest in the world) and jewellery (fifth cheapest) across 11 Asian cities. But if you drink wine, fly Business, play golf or need a facelift, you’re paying over the odds.

Practice Makes Perfect

Singaporeans have an unfortunate reputation for lacking dynamism in the bedroom. The year threw up a stat that settled the argument once and for all – maybe. More than 70 per cent of Singaporeans surveyed by SG Magazine said they were happy with their love lives and were having sex regularly. While practising is good, the country’s fertility rate is at a seven-year low, at 1.16 births to every death.

Here’s to Diversity

Love sees no colour and in 2018, we became even more open to love in all its forms. Singaporeans are more accepting of same-sex relationships than five years ago, according to an online survey by independent market research firm Ipsos Public Affairs, with 28 per cent of the 750 people surveyed in July saying Singaporeans should be able to have a same-sex relationship. Our marriages are also more diverse, with 22 per cent of 2017’s registered nuptials considered “mixed race” weddings, double 1997’s figure.

Some Kind of Green

The Botanic Gardens are a UNESCO World Heritage site and almost half the city is under green cover, but we are undeniably wasteful. The 820 million plastic supermarket bags that Singapore uses each year could fill Gardens by the Bay 126 times over. Only about 2 per cent of those bags are recycled. New Year’s resolutions, anyone?


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