Five-star Genting hotel fires chef who tweeted he spat in Chinese customers’ food

A chef at a Genting, Pahang hotel was fired this week after a tweet was leaked from his private account in which he admitted to spitting into Chinese customers’ food, the five-star Grand Ion Delemen Hotel has confirmed.

The original social media post was written on 20 Feb., with a screencap reposted to the popular online clearinghouse for car reviews, complaints, and petty grievances, Low Yat.

“My job requires a lot out of me. But the best part about it is that I get to spit in the food of Chinese people,” the chef wrote under the handle @ABCDEpul.

Another tweet from the same user read: “Don’t let Chinese people lead us. They’re all stupid. They all eat pork. Do you want to eat pork?” Yet another referred to the Chinese as “disgusting.”

The original post sparked an internet witch-hunt by the members of the-forum-that-will-never-die, and eventually netizens produced an image of a man they claimed was the culprit, along with photos of dishes that he had prepared (one with the caption “Eat it, you infidel.”), the Genting hotel he works at, other inflammatory tweets, and a purported order sheet that specified the customer ordering was Chinese.

How unnerved are you right now by the thought that you would probably have eaten that food and been none the wiser? We’re on level, like, 90/100.

Yesterday afternoon, Grand Ion Deleman Hotel Genting Highlands issued a statement on the matter, writing that they were upset to learn this week that one of their employees was posting racial hatred online.

Posted by Grand Ion Delemen Hotel on Tuesday, February 25, 2020


“On Tuesday, 25th February, we are deeply saddened to learn that one of our employees had posted racial hatred in his social media,” they said in a statement, adding that they took the matter seriously and were reviewing their own standard operating procedures in the wake of the shocking news.

“The following procedures have been reinforced to avoid such incident: immediate release of employee from employment, recorded misconduct and profile for future employer’s reference-checking, CCTV surveillance and peer support for whistleblowers and strict implementation on Food Safety Standards and Regulations in Malaysia,” the statement.

The chef appears to have since removed the offensive tweets, while police continue to investigate the matter.


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