Five Tricks to Clean Out Pet Hair from Your Car

Wilbert Tan

You love your pets, and you love having them with you and around you all the time, even when you’re traveling in your car. Unfortunately, they tend to leave a lot of hair in your car upholstery, which is not only unsightly, but removing all that hair can also turn into quite the chore. Nevertheless, it needs to be done. The good news is there are ways to make the job a little easier to contend with. Check out these five hacks on how to get that stubborn pet hair out of your car.

1. Balloons

The surface of rubber balloons have static energy that attracts hair, which makes them a very fun tool to use when you’re trying to get dog or cat hair out of cars. Simply rub the surface of a newly-inflated balloon over your car’s upholstery and be amazed at the way hair jumps from the fabric and onto the balloon. So the next time you attend a kiddie party, be sure to take a couple of balloons home with you.

2. Squeegee

The blade of a squeegee made of rubber catches pet hair as you move it against the upholstery, and again, the key here is static electricity. To be more effective, make sure to move the squeegee in a single direction. At the end of each stroke, wipe the hair from the blade, and continue the process until you completely cover an entire section.

3. Rubber glove

The household rubber glove you usually wear when cleaning your kitchen or toilet is actually a common tool for removing pet hair that cling to soft surfaces. Just like a squeegee, run a gloved hand over the seats in one direction only. You can moisten the glove if rubbing the upholstery with a dry one doesn’t yield you the desired results. Moisture helps hair strands to clump, which in turn makes them easier to remove.

4. Duct tape

The adhesive on duct tape is effective for removing pet hair from fabrics and carpets, but you have to make sure your upholstery material is strong enough to withstand the force of ripping the tape off. Otherwise, if you have more delicate fabric, you can use packing tape or scotch tape instead. Press your tape of choice onto the fabric to lift pet hair away. Do this repeatedly until you’ve taken care of all the hair.

5. A vacuum with the right nozzle

Vacuum cleaners are great for removing pet hair, but you can help make the task easier by choosing the right nozzle attachment, as a regular hose or brush won’t be adequate for picking up pet hair. What you need is a nozzle attachment with bristles made of rubber.

Preventing the accumulation of pet hair

A little prevention goes a long way in keeping pet hair on your car upholstery minimal. Make sure to give your dog or cat a thorough brushing before you let them into the car to remove loose hairs that would otherwise end up on your seats. Use the right brush for your pet’s specific coat type to collect as much hair as possible while keeping them looking well-groomed.


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