Flashback Friday: Did Subhash Ghai sexually assault Manisha Koirala when they were working for Saudagar?

When you start turning pages of your life and move forward, you try and let go of many such old stories which are long forgotten. Bollywood is one such place where you see many mysteries unfolding in the realm of life. One such long forgotten story is of Subhash Ghai and Manisha Koirala’s fallout when they were working together in 1991 film Saudagar.

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Manisha’s stellar performance in the film was appreciated by all the critics back then and she rose to heights. Subhash had given her a launch pad back then. But, things soon went wrong when reports started doing the rounds that Subhash made sexual advances towards Manisha which ended with the latter accusing him of his indecent behavior. However, these were just rumours.Manisha never came in public and admitted to what all was reported. Apparently, Manisha’s mother was hopping all around and telling people about the filmmaker’s attitude. Some reports went on to claim that her mother did all this keep her daughter in limelight. Going by what all pieces of information we have, Ghai used to make sure that she met only a few people that he approved of.

Some reports even suggested that Manisha’s mother was asked to wait outside the vanity van when Ghai used to have some meetings with Manisha. Strange thing is that Manisha never opened up on the whole controversy, however, she also chose to never work again under the production banner.In an interview back then, Manisha had said, “The industry has welcomed me despite the controversies that surround me. These controversies happened because I was bold, because I was outspoken and because I didn’t originally belong to the industry. Despite these odds, the industry welcomed me. I sincerely feel this industry is a wonderful place to be in.”

Well, both did patch up, but we never saw then working post Saudagar.