This Flawless Wakesurfing Proposal Is as Romantic as it Is Impressive

Kaleb and Kameron Pierce got married this weekend, only one day after his perfect wakesurfing proposal. (Photo: Courtesy Kameron Wike)

There was nothing new about Kaleb Pierce inviting his girlfriend, Kameron Wike, to go wakesurfing on Friday. They live on Lake Nasworthy, in San Angelo, Texas, and go on the water every chance they get. But perhaps the fact that he asked all of her family to join them should have tipped her off to the fact that he had something up his sleeve. That something was a surprisingly graceful marriage proposal, and it’s catching a lot of attention on Twitter.

“I was waiting for him to do a trick while he was surfing, and then he proposed. I was very, very surprised,” Wike tells Yahoo Style. “I didn’t actually hear him; I was reading his lips. I said yes, and I was like, ‘You better not drop that ring!'”

Pierce was surprised too, she said — surprised that he was able to surf on one knee and step onto the boat so smoothly.

“He thought he was going to propose and then fall in the water, and then we’d have to go pick him up, and then he’d give me the ring,” Wike said. But fall he did not.

In wakesurfing, unlike wakeboarding, the rider’s feet aren’t attached to the board; the ride lets go of the rope to ride the waves and do tricks. Pierce has been surfing since he was 4 years old, and he practiced this maneuver all day Thursday while Wike was at work. Just in case, though, he also put the ring on a floating keychain.

This whole production was fitting for the couple, who are only 20 but have known each other since the second grade. They’ve been dating for three years, living together for two, and have an 8-month-old son, Malakye (called Kye, to go with their K names). Wike said she wouldn’t have wanted candles and a quiet restaurant for her proposal; wakesurfing was way more in line with who they are as a couple.

Baby Kye takes after his parents. (Photo: Courtesy Kameron Wike)

“It’s something that I’ll never forget, because it’s something that nobody does and it’s something that he loves, and it’s what I love, so it was just perfect,” says Wike, who also started wakesurfing with Pierce and never wants to get out of the water.

Kameron wakesurfing. (Photo: Courtesy Kameron Pierce)

The young couple decided to get married on Saturday, just one  day after the proposal, because Pierce is enlisting in the Marines soon, and they want to have their paperwork in order. Of course, they got married right over the water, on the dock of the house they rent from Pierce’s grandparents.

“Anything we do, it’s always the lake,” Wike says, adding that they’ll have a bigger celebration with friends and family later. Congratulations.

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