This $60 retractable hose takes the work out of watering your yard

Kate Mendonca
Shopping Editor

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Flexi Hose.

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With weather across the country finally starting to warm up, chances are that you’ll be spending more time in your yard or garden in the weeks and months to come. Keeping your plants and lawn looking their best throughout the season requires a few essential tools, and after a long winter it may just be time to let go of the ones that have seen better days.

Garden hoses often end up cracked or warped after enduring a brutal winter, rendering them essentially useless as they leak water everywhere. If you’re looking to upgrade your garden hose, one Amazon bestseller could be the item to make cracked hoses a thing of the past for good. 

What is it?

The Flexi Hose is a lightweight, expandable hose that makes maneuvering around the garden a breeze thanks to its innovative design. Able to stretch to 50 feet once full, the hose automatically shrinks back to a third of its original size once the water is turned off and keeps kinks at bay. 

Double-layer latex piping is surrounded by a retractable polyester outer wall, which allows for the hose to grow and shrink as necessary, and brass connectors easily attach to your outdoor water line, as well as to the included nozzle for added versatility. The nozzle included with the Flexi Hose comes with eight different spray patterns, and is able to tackle everything from watering your plants to cleaning your pets or car. 

Flexi Hose. Image via Amazon.

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What shoppers are saying

With more than 3,500 ratings and a 4.4 star rating, thousands of happy shoppers have turned to the Flexi Hose for all their gardening needs.

“I bought this hose because a cheaper expandable hose I had bought failed after a few months,” one five-star reviewer said. “This hose is made of quality material, it is thick and expands to reach all the way around my house yet still retreats and takes up very little space.”

“This is a well made hose - perfect if you have a small garden or balcony to water plants,” added another. “The hose appears quite small, but once you connect it expands significantly, so it's great for storage.”

On top of the lightweight design and compact size, many reviewers have also been impressed with the fact that the Flexi Hose has an on/off switch at the spraying end, rather than at the source. On the other hand, some shoppers have noted that this hose tends to lose water pressure once a spray nozzle is attached, making it less effective if you’re looking for a more powerful flow. 

“We really like this hose. The brass end connectors are great and they have zero leaks. The spray nozzle on the other hand was a bit wonky. There was a leak from the side of the nozzle that sprayed 90 degrees up. I tried to tighten the face plate of the nozzle but no success,” said one reviewer. “Nozzles, you can get anywhere, but if I had to say something about this package, I'd say just buy the hose.”

The verdict

If you’re looking to replace a hose that you’ll primarily be using to water plants and wash the car with, the Flexi Hose is an affordable choice at just $60. It comes in both black and green, and although some reviewers were less than impressed with the plastic spray nozzle that comes included, the Flexi Hose is able to take on the needs for most averages-zed yards with ease.  

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