'Flip or Flop' is flipping awkward as stars search for ‘new normal’ following divorce

Things have been a little awkward on Flip or Flop this season since Tarek and Christina finalized their divorce in January. In Thursday’s episode, it was clear that working with your ex can get uncomfortable. There was constant bickering and lobbing of insults, with neither missing a chance to take a shot at the other.

“Sometimes dealing with Tarek is like dealing with a 5-year-old,” Christina said. “Actually, I raised a 5-year-old, and she was more mature than Tarek. So I take that back — Tarek is worse than a 5-year-old.”


Sometimes it seemed as if they disagreed just to disagree, such as when they were designing the kitchen. But they both recognized that they have to cooperate if they want to keep flipping houses rather than flopping like they’re playing in the World Cup.

“It’s been a real struggle trying to stay on the same page for this flip,” Christina said. “So after I went overbudget on the exterior, I talked to Tarek about it, and we realized that we need to be better about working together.” Tarek added, “And maybe if we worked together, we wouldn’t go overbudget so many times.”

But fear not, Flip or Flop fans, it looks like Tarek and Christina are going to be able to work together after all.

“It was totally worth it to find common ground on this design,” Christina said. “After all, we have a common goal: to make these houses the best they can be.”

Flip or Flop airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on HGTV.

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