Floods wreak havoc in western India

STORY: The Navsari district of the state, which has been reeling under flooding, received heavy rains on Wednesday (July 13), forcing people to wade through waist-high floodwater as their houses remained inundated.

"There is 5-6 feet of water in every house and their property has been damaged. The floods have damaged television in one house, beds in another, mattresses and sofas in other. Everything is wet. The grains and rice in the house of some people have been damaged," said resident Rajesh Thakkar.

Meanwhile, overflowing sewers have inundated the houses of residents of western Pune city, forcing them to live in an unhealthy environment in the absence of any facilities.

The situation in the financial capital of Mumbai also remained grim, with the city witnessing incessant rains and water-logging in several areas.

Extreme weather in South Asia has become more frequent in recent years and environmentalists warn that climate change could lead to even more serious disasters.