Florida man accused of trying to trade car to dealer he stole it from

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A man walks into a car dealership, wishing to trade the vehicle he drove up in for a new one. Happens all the time, right?

But when the man is a Florida man, things get more interesting.

According to First Coast News and some other Florida outlets, police in Jacksonville responded to Lake City Chrysler Dodge Jeep, where the scene above played out, as it does every day. But this time was different.

When the dealership's sales staff logged the VIN on the man's trade-in, they discovered that the car had been stolen from that very dealership just days prior. That's right, a customer, for lack of a better term, was trying to trade a car stolen at that dealership for something better.

Police say that after they read him his rights, he told them he had stolen the car. Also, the dealership's security cameras showed the theft, though it's unclear from accounts whether the thief is identifiable in that video. The 50-year-old Lake City man also said he was homeless.

He's been jailed and charged with grand theft auto, dealing in stolen property, criminal mischief and petit theft. But he gets an A for aspiration.

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