Follow Tiger Woods' final round at the Masters hole by hole

Tiger Woods waits to putt in the rain on the seventh hole during the third round at the Masters golf tournament (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

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This post will be updated hole by hole as Tiger Woods plays his final round at the Masters.

Tiger Woods’ overall score: +1
Fourth-round final score: 69 (-3)

Here’s a great piece on how a dedicated daughter made sure her cancer-stricken father could meet with Tiger Woods for a few minutes before Thursday’s opening round. 

No. 18 – Par 4, 465 yards – BOGEY

Tiger’s goal of getting back to even for the week came down to the last hole of the final round. He pushed his birdie putt a bit wide after making it onto the green in regulation and then misread his putt for par. He’ll just miss out on his benchmark, but it’s an overall solid round for Woods.

There are certainly many shots he’ll want back, but a round of 69 for the day sends him off with his best outing of the week. It’s something to build off of and that might be his biggest — non green jacket — win of the week.

No. 17 – Par 4, 440 yards – BIRDIE

This was Woods’ best chance to get back to even and he took full advantage of it. A smooth drive left him about 150 yards from the cup and his approach brought that down to about seven feet. A nice line on his putt helped him reach his goal.

No. 16 – Par 3, 170 yards – PAR

Tiger found a birdie here on Saturday, but settled for a two-putt par in his final round. Only two chances left to get back to even for the week.

No. 15 – Par 5, 530 yards – EAGLE

A masterful approach on a hole that’s given Woods trouble this weekend set him up for his first eagle of the tournament. His drive left him with a layup onto the green that landed square on top of the flag and needed just a 15-foot putt to bring himself closer to even on the week.

No. 14 – Par 4, 440 yards – PAR

From 127 yards out on his second shot, Tiger barely caught the far edge of the green and needed a another two-putt to get out safely. A missed opportunity again on his approach but a nice job with his putter to pick up par.

No. 13 – Par 5, 510 yards – BIRDIE

Tiger didn’t really have a chance at eagle on this Par 5, but he set himself up nicely for a birdie try, needing only a two-putt to get out of No. 13. Par-Par-Birdie on Amen Corner is probably as much as he could’ve hoped for on Sunday as he tries to get in the red for the tournament.

Here’s his chance to build some momentum.

No. 12 – Par 3, 155 yards – PAR

Going with the “Survive and Advance” game plan in Amen Corner, Tiger made green in regulation and worked a safe two-putt to pick up par on No. 12.

No. 11 – Par 4, 505 yards – PAR

Amen Corner hasn’t been Tiger’s friend all tournament and Sunday started out no different. A missed birdie putt — albeit from at least 15 feet out — left Woods with another chance at par that he buried with ease.

No. 10 – Par 4, 495 yards – PAR

Another missed birdie putt — and they’re starting to really add up. Instead of getting back in the red, Tiger finds himself stuck in neutral and will have some work to do in Amen Corner.

No. 9 – Par 4, 460 yards – BOGEY

For the second day in a row on No. 9, Tiger absolutely drilled his tee shot 300+ yards straight down the fairway. And once again, his iron let him down on the second shot. After reaching the pin, his ball rolled straight back down and off the green. 

A nice and easy wedge shot almost allowed him to save par, but Woods missed long and walked off with a bogey.

No. 8 – Par 5, 570 yards – BIRDIE

One of these holes, Tiger is going to put it all together. But not No. 8. A monster drive off the tee set up a second shot that landed in the rough to the left of the green with few lines to get on close to the pin. Instead, Woods dropped it three feet from the cup and gave himself a smooth birdie.

No. 7 – Par 4, 450 yards – BOGEY

This wasn’t as terrible of a drive, but Tiger pulled out some magic on his second shot from right of the fairway, just behind a few low hanging tree limbs. After getting a perfect bounce in the middle of the green, the ball rolled just five feet from the cup giving Woods another shot at birdie.

He just couldn’t convert. His putt went wide and around the cup, leaving Tiger with a tough, uphill stroke for par and an eventual bogey.

No. 6 – Par 3, 187 yards – PAR

Another nice save after an errant tee shot. Tiger’s drive went straight into the gallery behind the flag, but hit a fan and stuck in the rough near the pin. A quick up and down keeps his momentum alive and is giving Woods a chance at reaching his goal of getting back to even for the tournament.

No. 5 – Par 4, 455 yards – PAR

It wasn’t the prettiest hole for Tiger, but it nearly led to another birdie. As has been the case all weekend, Woods’ putts just haven’t been dropping. He’s had most of his lines pegged through the first five holes and needs to start converting to build momentum. A par on No. 5 — which has been playing tough all tournament — isn’t going to leave Tiger discouraged, but he knows he missed a big opportunity there.

No. 4 – Par 3, 240 yards – BIRDIE

We came incredibly close to an epic Tiger moment from the tee box. His irons finally came through and nearly delivered an ace on the Par 3. Instead the ball took a hard bounce and hit the back of the cup before settling down about five feet away. It wasn’t an easy putt, but Tiger drained it to make up for a messy bogey on No. 3.

No. 3 – Par 4, 350 yards – BOGEY

The plan may have been good here, but the execution really put Woods in hole. His drive went left of the fairway and into the first cut, putting him in position to fight over an uphill slope and a sand trap. There was a chance for a 10-foot putt to save par, but Woods left it a bit short.

A bogey here isn’t awful, but after picking up a birdie on No. 2, it’s an unfortunate setback.

No. 2 – Par 5, 575 yards – BIRDIE

A strong tee shot found the pine straws to the left of the fairway, but Woods was able to curve his second shot and leave it just short of the green to set up a chance to get under par. After nearly finding the cup on his third shot, Tiger had a tap-in for his first birdie on the day.

No. 1 – Par 4, 445 yards – PAR

Woods came out swinging with a drive straight down the fairway that left him 127 yards to the hole. That put him in position to grab his wedge and sticks his second shot about three feet from the pin. Unfortunately, the birdie shot just caught the lip of the cup and rimmed out, forcing Tiger to settle for par.

Pre-round remarks

Woods will tee off at 11:10 a.m EST with Rafa Cabrera Bello as he tackles the course at Augusta for the final time this year. It certainly hasn’t been the type of Masters from Tiger that fans were hoping for, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons to follow the four-time green jacket winner on Sunday.

In the overarching comeback story here, Woods is coming along at a respectable pace, even if he isn’t in contention today. Another solid outing, building off his weekend-best round of 72 on Saturday, would go a long way as he attempts to return to dominance. His final round will give him a chance to play a bit more carefree and take some risks. With nothing to lose, look for a more relaxed 18 holes from Tiger.