Food Arguments Are Killing Gen Z Relationships

A recent study by Flavrstream, an informational food and cooking resource guide, looking at American dining and consumer spending, found that the Generation Z cohort is ending relationships with others over arguments about dining choices.

The survey titled “Dinner Habits: Study Finds American’s Relationship Turmoil” polled 1,500 Americans and found that 68 percent of people have “ended a relationship over arguing where to eat,” with Generation Z being the most likely of all demographics to do so (74 percent). Furthermore, women were noted to be more likely than men to end relationships over this food issue.

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Flavrstream’s study found 77 percent of respondents said they make dinner during the week, with 23 percent preferring takeout or eating out.

Millennials said they spend the most money ($116.97) at restaurants or takeout per week, 42 percent more than Boomers. And Gen Z follows Millennials as the second demographic to spend the most per week, $107.92. Generation X ($91.56) and Baby Boomers ($82.20) both fall on the lower end of the scale of average weekly restaurant and takeout spending.

Sixty-three percent of people reported that they spend $100 or less at restaurants or takeout per week, with the most common amounts being spent falling between $50-75 (21 percent) and $75-100 (21 percent). Broken down by gender, men spend about $114.39 per week on average, while women spend slightly less at about $103.83.

The survey suggests that out of all demographics, Millennials are feeling the most heat to keep up with friends’ spending habits. Eighteen percent of Millennials are spending $200 or more eating at restaurants or getting takeout each week.

These findings reiterate a recent report by WWD that more than a third of Gen Z and Millennials have a friend who pushes them to overspend. Forty-three percent of Millennials said one of the leading causes for overspending is “dining out,” while 37 percent cited “drinks and a night out.” In comparison, 37 percent of Gen Z cited dining out as a leading culprit.

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