'Food is in Danger': Mango Dolly Ice-cream Chaat is Here to Give You Sleepless Nights

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Several unique culinary trends have sparked controversy on the internet. From Ice CreamVada Pav, Gulab Jamun Pizza, Chocolate Biryani to Maggi Milkshake – social media has become ground zero for debates on some truly bizarre culinary trends. The latest addition to this list is an ice cream chaat from a street food shop in Vadodara and netizens are not amused. Indians found cheese and they started eating it with everything. In the recent viral video, the street food vendor prepared a unique chaat with a mango dolly and here is the recipe. First, the street seller dips pieces of bread in coconut water and turmeric syrup. He then adds strawberry syrup and other toppings. He then garnishes it with minced dry fruits. Finally, he garnishes with slices of mango dolly. If that doesn’t get your attention, the vendor next covers the sweet chaat with thick mango syrup before garnishing it with shredded cheese.

We all know that Gujarati food is famous for its sweet flavours, but is this too much? The video was posted by IGTV food blogger @streetfoodrecipe and has since made its way to Twitter too.

The video has received over 175k views since it was uploaded online. Netizens also left several comments on the video. Some people were disgusted by the video of ice cream combined with cheese, while others were intrigued and wished to try it. One Twitter user requested a follow-up video featuring the reactions of the person who eventually eats this.

Another commenter sarcastically expressed her displeasure, writing, “It’s disappointing to see that the vendor forgot to include sev.”

One of the users found the street food stall on the food delivery app Swiggy and told that they even sell a Jain version of this dish.

Before this chaat, a Maggi milkshake was the reason for netizens’ outrage after a tweet showed soupy Maggi noodles dunked in creamy milk.

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