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These genius silicone food savers are 'better than plastic wrap' for keeping your leftovers fresh

Hate wasting perfectly good leftovers but don't have a ton of room in your cabinets, drawers or fridge for towers of food storage containers? Maybe you also hate dealing with plastic wrap, which never seems to want to cooperate, or you're trying to minimize your reliance on single-use, zip-top bags in an effort to be more green (and economical). No matter which scenario rings true for you, we've found a genius solution that'll save space, money and headaches — these highly rated Food Huggers. Made of food-safe silicone, these colorful freshness preservers simply slip over your produce, cans or jars for an airtight seal!

Less than $4 a pop, and you'll be able to reuse 'em for years — take that, Ziploc!

$18 at Amazon

Each set of Food Huggers comes with five round pieces in assorted sizes to fit over all sorts of fruits and veggies. True to its name, the stretchy material conforms around the cut-side of whatever you're trying to save to prevent browning, just like plastic wrap would (minus the unnecessary waste and expense, of course).

These food savers are also great for placing over cans when you aren't using all of the contents in one go — we're lookin' at you, recipes that require only a few tablespoons of coconut milk! Plus, you can even use them on seltzer and soda cans to keep your carbonated beverages fizzy once they've been opened.

Available in five fun color combos, Food Huggers are also much more aesthetically pleasing than other preservation methods, like bulky tubs and plastic bags, which can make your fridge appear cluttered. And the fact that you can clean them in the dishwasher is the icing on the cake.

the food hugger food savers being used on produce and jars
Is it possible to have a crush on a set of food savers? Asking for a friend. (Photo: Amazon)

Many Amazon customers (over 4,300!) were so impressed by Food Huggers, they awarded them a perfect five-star rating.

"I’m trying to use plastic wrap as little as possible," shared one satisfied shopper. "These are great for those miscellaneous things you want to cover; half a lemon, part of a cucumber, a jar that you can’t find the lid to, etc. Saves space in the fridge, too!"

"These look so pretty in your fridge, and they have really saved me a lot of money from throwing away less food and not buying plastic wrap to use once and throw away," wrote an eco-friendly fan. "They really work and keep food fresh for a long time. I think they may even work better than plastic wrap, which I can never get to stick anyway. They clean up easily and store nested in each other so they don't take up much space ... I may order a second set in different colors!"

"I got these specifically to use over my cat food cans," explained a happy pet owner. "I also tried the others on various fruits and they worked great ... These are great options for saving food without having to get one of my glass storage containers out. Easy for [the] dishwasher to clean."

This Autumn Harvest combo is the fall color palate of our dreams.

$18 at Amazon

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