FOOD REVIEW: Fall in love with Eggslut, and its food

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Eggslut, Los Angeles' highly popular food-truck-went-global brand, opened its Singapore doors officially in September 2021.

The humble food truck, which started in LA in 2011, gained fame for its scrambled eggs-loaded burgers, and they are now found in South Korea, Japan, the UK, and Kuwait. Singapore is their very first Southeast Asian outpost.

The restaurant features a bustling open kitchen, and a wide airy space with top to bottom windows that allow one to crowd watch as you partake in their food.

Which of course, brings us to the food itself.

Eggs, while easy to make into various dishes, is difficult to REALLY get right. At Eggslut, the first sandwich we tried, the Fairfax (S$12), blew us away as first-timers to the iconic dish.

Eggslut Fairfax Sandwich ($12)
Fairfax Sandwich (S$12)

The Fairfax comes with cage-free eggs scrambled together with chives, caramelised onions, cheddar cheese, and Sriracha mayo, sandwiched between brioche buns directly flown in from South Korea. It's love at first bite. The eggs are beautifully creamy, and in between bites, the aromatics like the chives and onions shine through. Everything was just right, from the cheese to the buns to the glorious eggs. Even right now as I'm writing this, I get the urge to head down and buy it again as a paying customer. 11/10 will have again.

Even though we told ourselves to pace it for the subsequent sandwiches, we finished every single bite of the Fairfax.

For people who wants a more substantial sandwich, the Gaucho (S$23), would be your go-to.

Eggslut Gaucho Sandwich ($23)
Eggslut Gaucho Sandwich ($23)

Between the buns are seared Wagyu tri-tip steak that have been layered generously, a (still cage-free reared) fried egg, chimichurri sauce (special shout-out, SO GOOD), red onions, and arugula. It’s pricier due to the wagyu tri-tip, but the egg takes a back seat here as it's really all about the meat, which is good, but not exactly saliva-inducing like the Fairfax.

The next one on the list is a carb-lover's dream. Enter the Slut (S$11).

Eggslut Gaucho Sandwich ($23)
Eggslut Gaucho Sandwich ($23)

Think soft boiled egg imported from Japan and potato puree that you can clean off with slices of toasted baguette. Topped with salt and chives, the mixture is really, the Eggslut version of the kind of local breakfast we have in coffee shops, and one that's worth revisiting on occasion.

Full menu here.

Eggslut Full Menu
Eggslut Full Menu

Note that Eggslut is not a halal-certified eatery.


6 Scotts Road, #01-12, Scotts Square, Singapore 228209

Opening hours: Daily 8am to 10pm