Foot fans have the Diablo 4 lead calling for a Barbie crossover

 Barbie and Lilith from Diablo go toe-to-toe
Barbie and Lilith from Diablo go toe-to-toe

A viral tweet that's something of a foot fetishists' dream has convinced the lead developer of Diablo 4 that we need a Diablo X Barbie crossover.

I promise you that intro isn't just a game of Mad Libs gone wrong. Yesterday, with the launch of the new Barbie trailer and increasingly frequent social media teasers for the release of Diablo 4, people started to notice that there were a lot of women's feet on the ol' timeline. Well, more properly, a lot of dolls' and ancient demon queens' feet.

Nobody should've expected to see a toe-to-toe encounter between Barbie and Lilith, but trailers for both Barbie and Diablo prominently feature barefoot close-ups introducing the two characters. One of the people to take notice of this was a World of Warcraft developer whose tweet on the subject quickly went viral. The official Diablo account noted that "Lilith's influence is felt," which I can only assume means that the Daughter of Hatred has pleasantly soft feet.

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Diablo lead Rod Fergusson has a pretty direct suggestion for what should happen next. "I mean who do we need to talk to at Mattel to make this happen! Diablo 4 X Barbie is the collab the people want with limited edition Lilith Barbie and Inarius Ken!" And, well, I could see those figures being cool, but it's tough to imagine a kid-friendly brand like Barbie getting the greenlight for a crossover with the hyper-violent, horror-tinged world of Diablo. We do live in an age of giant brand multiverses, I guess.

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