Ford Bronco Heritage Edition appears in spy photos with old-school grille, wheels

Joel Stocksdale
·2-min read

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Last month we heard that the 2022 Ford Bronco might be getting a Heritage Edition. Today we have spy photos that seem to confirm just that. The Bronco prototype pictured may have heavy camouflage, but they don't cover up the retro wheels. There's also just enough of a hole in the coverings to reveal a similarly retro-inspired grille.

The wheels are the clear giveaway that this is a special Bronco variant meant to play on the hallmarks of the original SUV. They're modeled on the simple painted steel wheels from the old Bronco. And with the bare spare on the back as reference, we can see that there's some sort of covering for the lug nuts on the main wheels. Those coverings seem somewhat inspired by the small "dog dish" wheel coverings you might find on old steel wheels. They likely will be silver or chrome to continue the look. Also interesting is that these wheels are fitted with the same 35-inch off-road tires that come with the Sasquatch package, so buyers won't have to sacrifice off-road traction for retro style.

While the wheels on this prototype are painted a matte black, we're expecting they'll actually be painted white for production. The reason for this is in the grille we can just make out. It's the base grille available for the Bronco, but it's painted white like on classic Broncos. Those old SUVs had their steel wheels painted to match the white grille and white top. Also, since Ford already confirmed a white top would be available in the near future, we're sure the Heritage Edition will get that to match the grille and wheels.

The Bronco Heritage Edition will probably be revealed in a few months in time for the 2022 model year. We may learn more about additional Bronco accessories around that time, too.

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