Ford Model's Grace Han points finger at Eric Tsang

17 Jan – Chinese godmother of modelling, Grace Han is unperturbed with Eric Tsang's threats of a lawsuit, following her allegation that he harassed her models in the past.

As reported on Mingpao, on 11 January, following Eric Tsang's denial that he was one of the two showbiz big names that raped former actress Yammie Lam in the past, the former Asia-Pacific president of Ford Models decided to speak up and accused him of sexually assaulting other female celebrities in the past, and alleging that everybody in the entertainment industry knows this.

Han also claimed that one of her models was invited to a karaoke bar by the producer while she was in Hong Kong, and then allegedly found her drink spiked while she was in the loo. Grace stated that the unnamed model was able to get away from the situation, although unfortunately all the other models did not.

Following Han's post, Eric released a statement accusing her of slander, adding that he has already brought the case to court and demands to be compensated for the damage to his reputation.

Some of the netizens also blasted Han, saying that she would possibly receive a letter from a solicitor soon, to which the nonchalant Han responded, "Okay, I will sit here and wait [for the letter]."

On the other hand, Eric's daughter and Taiwanese actress Bowie Tsang was recently asked to respond to the allegations against her father, to which she said, "I stand by him, but it's better to let my father calm down and clarify it to everyone."