Ford Ranger teaser video is our best look yet at next-generation truck

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Ford's next-generation global Ranger is around the corner. While the company isn't quite ready to unveil its new truck yet, its Australian division released a short preview video that shows the model undergoing shakedown testing while revealing some of its exterior design.

Australia is one of the world's largest pickup markets: You're more likely to see a Ranger than an Outback in the Outback. Ford no longer manufactures cars Down Under, but it continues to operate a design center in Melbourne, and it put the team there in charge of all aspects of the next-generation Ranger. While the camouflage (which was designed in Melbourne, too) hides the truck's overall lines, we can tell the changes include flatter cargo box sides in lieu of the current model's flares, and shorter rear lights.

One piece of the puzzle that's still missing is the front end. Ford kept it largely hidden in the last preview video, though we spot curved LED accents that are almost F-150-like, and the latest film doesn't show it. We're expecting more of a revolution than an evolution in the design department, however. And, unverified rumors claim the new Ranger will ride on a version of the Bronco's body-on-frame architecture.

Ford will introduce the next-generation Ranger at some point in 2022. With that said, keep in mind the truck that will be sold in global markets (including Australia and Europe) won't necessarily be the exact same version that we'll see in the United States. Market-specific differences are a given, but we don't know how profound they'll be. Details about the American-spec model haven't been released yet.

Volkswagen's next Amarok is around the corner as well. These two trucks were bitter rivals throughout most of the 2010s, and they'll continue to fight over the same turf throughout the 2020s — but they'll be closely related underneath the sheetmetal thanks to a technology partnership that links the two carmakers. Don't expect badge engineering, though: It sounds like the Ranger will look like a Ford and the Amarok will look like a Volkswagen. And, in spite of numerous rumors, nothing seriously suggests the Amarok will be sold in America.

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