Former Agong, Russian pageant bride already divorced: Report

Love is patient; love is kind; and love is also fleeting. Reports have emerged this fine Monday that Kelantan Sultan Muhammad V, best known for this year’s shock abdication from his duties as Malaysia’s Agong (a rotating leadership role), previously known as the gentleman who kept Mahathir waiting a couple days to be sworn in post-general election, may have divorced his Russian beauty queen bride Oksana Voevodina, according to Astro Awani.

If unverified official documents are to be believed, the official filing date was June 22, in Singapore, with the motion being approved by Shariah Courts on July 1.

Only last week, the Sultana posted a photo detailing the magical love story between herself and the royal:

According to the documents, the divorce granted was a triple talak, a type of Islamic divorce where the talak (pronouncement of divorce) is repeated three times. It is a particularly harsh and serious form of divorce, which is considered to be irreversible until the woman marries another man, in good faith. Only after that marriage proves unsuccessful could she, in theory, re-marry the husband before.

The article goes on to state that in January, prior to their son being born in May, the couple were engulfed in divorce rumors (of the British tabloid variety), with their relationship described as being “on the brink” of dissolution. This mind you, was taking place more or less exactly as the Malaysian public was discovering the wedding had even happened.

News of Sultan Muhammad V’s nuptials to the 25-year-old Russian finally made local headlines late last year, though it would be weeks before anything was confirmed by either the palace, or government. At the time, the Sultan was on a three-month medical leave of absence from his duties, and it seems, used the extended break to stage an elaborate wedding in Moscow.

Eventually, Muhammad stepped down from his role as Agong, adding a plume to the hat of famous abdications in history. The couple had largely remained quiet ever since, though it was announced on social media that Oksana was pregnant, and later that she had given birth to a boy.

We’ll await word from the palace on the divorce, but considering how long it took them to confirm the marriage in the first place – don’t hold your breaths, Coconauts.

*Ed. Note: This article has been amended to clarify the meaning of ‘triple talak’

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