Former Brookside star Louis Emerick pleads guilty to injuring girls with his car

louis emerick
Louis Emerick pleads guilty to careless drivingDave J Hogan - Getty Images

Former Brookside star Louis Emerick has pleaded guilty to seriously injuring two 12-year-old girls with his car.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said that Emerick - who played Mick Johnson on the Liverpool-based soap - hit the girls with his car as a result of careless driving in October 2022, while they were crossing Poulton Road in Wallasey Village (via BBC).

Although district crown prosecutor Linda Melia said that Emerick was "not speeding," he admitted he "couldn't see clearly because of the sun so he should have slowed down".

louis emerick
Dave J Hogan - Getty Images

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It was revealed that Emerick cut a right-hand bend before striking them, while a breathalyser test showed no evidence of drink or drugs in his system.

Melia continued: "He has been fully co-operative and remorseful throughout the investigation and has apologised on numerous occasions.

"It's clear [he] did not mean to injure these girls, but the events of that day are a lesson that, when we are at the wheel of a car, care and attention are needed at all times."

Emerick admitted to two counts of causing serious injury by careless driving at Wirral Magistrates' Court, and he will be sentenced on June 20.

mike thornbury arrives at the rovers in coronation street

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After Brookside, Emerick had roles in several other soaps, including Casualty, Last of the Summer Wine and Coronation Street, in which he played Mike Thornberry. Most recently, Emerick appeared in Netflix mini-series Queen Cleopatra.

Meanwhile, STV launched reruns of Brookside in February and it has since rewarded the streamer with outstanding viewing figures.

After it received 11.6 million views from users across the UK in March, director of digital at STV, Richard Williams, said: "It's great that the power of Brookside shows no signs of waning, with the show continuing to perform extremely well."

Brookside streams on STV Player.

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