Former Royal Aide Says 'Really Small Bubble of People' Actually Know What's Going On With Kate

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Barely Anyone Knows What's Going on With Kate...Samir Hussein - Getty Images

Sources close to the royals are giving some details about Kate Middleton as the internet continues to spiral over her not being seen for several weeks. To catch everyone up real quick:

The Palace Revealed Kate Was Hospitalized on January 17

Full statement on her "major abdominal surgery" this way.

Kate Returned Home on January 29

The palace said she was "making good progress."

William Pulled Out of a Event on February 27

He cited "personal reasons," causing everyone to absolutely spiral about Kate.

On top of all that ^, yesterday, Kate's rep released a statement to Page Six amid everyone questioning the Princess of Wales' whereabouts, which read, "Kensington Palace made it clear in January the timelines of the princess’ recovery and we’d only be providing significant updates. That guidance stands." Additionally, they added that Kate is "doing well."

So...what's going on behind the scenes? Apparently, Prince William's friends insist he won't be pressured into giving more details about Kate simply because of increased speculation.

"The newspapers are always telling the family how to run their press operations," one friend recently told the Daily Beast. "This time—surprise surprise—they seem to think it would be a good idea for the royal family to give them more information about Kate. William isn’t a big one for doing stuff because the Daily Mail says he should."

"If William has read any of this stuff, it will only make him more determined to stick to his guns and keep his wife out of the limelight while she recovers. The stuff people are writing is toxic," they added.

Meanwhile, a former royal staff member noted, "Anyone who expects the palace to suddenly start giving lengthy updates on Kate will be disappointed. The principal aim of her being sequestered is to guard her privacy. I’m sure the press hate it because it is working. There is a really, really small bubble of people who know exactly what is going on."

Oh, and a friend of the family also mused the following: "They just want her to be able to recover in peace. The idea that they are going to be swayed by the idiots on social media saying she has been abducted by aliens is laughable."

As for William pulling out of his godfather's memorial for personal reasons, the friend insisted, "That’s total bollocks put about by the media to justify their outrage at being denied private information that would sell papers. It’s very simple. William is putting his family first. That’s what a ‘personal matter’ means. The whole world knows what’s ‘going on’ because they have actually been remarkably open: she had abdominal surgery, it went as planned, it wasn’t cancer, she is keeping to herself until after Easter and she is doing well. ‘Case closed’ in my humble opinion."

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