Former Taiwan actress Janet Lee shares divorce outburst on Instagram

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Former Taiwan actress Janet Lee shares divorce outburst on Instagram

Hong Kong-born former Taiwan actress-turned-author Janet Lee Chien-Rong wrote a lengthy Instagram post at approximately midnight of 24 June, letting on that she had enough of her husband and even cried to her son, “I am going to divorce him!”

Revealing some very public thoughts in her thousand-word essay on social media, Lee shared that the extended stay-home period due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for the couple. Lee got married in 2004 and has two sons with Alan Lee, a billionaire CEO of a company dealing with sports shoes.

“The friction between husband and wife is inevitable,” Lee wrote. “Today, I was so angry that my hands trembled, and I started swearing (at her husband). It is not because of how serious things are right now, but purely because of the accumulation over time. It can be seen now how much I have bottled up all this while.”

Lee likened the couple to enemies, saying that it is easy to meet her enemy because their house is small. “Therefore, I brought the dog and hid in the toilet, so I do not have to see Alan. I thought it would be like a movie, where the dog will lick up my tears, but who knows, Wolfy only drank the toilet water. My imagination was destroyed at that moment. Suddenly I understood what it meant to be without a hiding place,” she continued.

“Like what I always said, love does not mean we do not quarrel, but even through the quarrels, we can live together for our lives. The short pain will disappear with time,” Lee wrote. The author then moved out to the balcony to continue typing her post, joking that her dog had even finished drinking the toilet water, and complained that even with mosquito repellant, she got stung twice after writing the short paragraph.

“Seeing that I was crying, my son came over to give me a hug. Indeed, at this moment, humans do feel more than a dog. While my son was consoling me, he naively asked, ‘Are we still going to eat steak tonight?’ and it made me laugh,” Lee shared. “I told him, ‘I am going to file for a divorce.’ My son asked, ‘Who do I follow then?’ I replied to him, ‘You are nearly 18, does it still matter?’”

It was after her son’s question that Lee wrote that she “was enlightened”. “To the child, their family is everything,” she wrote. “I sucked my tears back, smoked a cigarette despite my headache, and will sleep on the sofa tonight.”

Her friends, stylist Lee Ming Chuan, entertainer Xiao Ma, and emcee Roro Huang had all left encouraging messages on Lee’s Facebook post to cheer and console her.


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