Former YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk questioned by South Korean police for 14 hours

Sylvia Looi
Former music mogul Yang Hyun-suk was questioned by South Korean police for 14 hours on allegations of covering up former iKON member B.I's drug abuse. — AFP pic

PETALING JAYA, Nov 11 — Former music mogul Yang Hyun-suk presented himself at the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency building on Sunday to assist in investigations over allegations of covering up drug abuse by former KPop boyband iKON member B.I.

After putting questioning by police, Korean pop culture website Soompi reported that Yang, arrived at the station at 10am Korean time, and spent 14 hours being grilled, leaving only at 11.50pm.

Approached by the media before questioning, he said he would do his best to answer the police’s questions over allegations that he threatened former trainee Han Seo-hee into keeping quiet during B.I’s drug use investigation in 2016,

As he exited the building later, Yang told the media that he answered all questions from the police.

“I spoke truthfully.”

Asked if he admitted to the charges against him, Yang declined to comment as investigations are ongoing.

Yang was originally scheduled to go in for questioning on November 6 but after information was revealed to the press, he asked for a postponement, added Soompi.

The site said that it has not been decided whether Yang will be called in for additional questioning.

It was previously reported that police had booked Yang on charges of threatening, harbouring a suspect and occupational breach of trust.

Allegations of Yang threatening Han to change her testimony surfaced in June after she reported to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission about suspicions of YG’s corrupt ties with police.

Han was arrested by police for using marijuana on August 22, 2016.

During the first two rounds of questioning, Han admitted that she took marijuana with B.I and gave him LSD after he asked her to get it for him.

She also submitted text messages exchanged between them as evidence.

After a meeting with YG Entertainment, which allegedly took place on August 26, 2016, Han however changed her original testimony to say that B.I never did drugs.

In a separate development,it was also reported that South Korean police had wrapped up investigations on Yang and ex-Big Bang member Seungri on charges of habitual gambling.

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