Four-foot-long crocodile rescued from pond made for Ganpati idol immersion in Vadodara

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The crocodile being rescued (Photo/ANI)
The crocodile being rescued (Photo/ANI)

Vadodara (Gujarat) [India], September 12 (ANI): A four-foot-long crocodile was rescued from an artificial pond constructed for Ganesh idol immersion in Gujarat's Vadodra on Friday night, said wildlife rescue officials.

"Every year, crocodiles enter the artificial pond made for Ganesh idol immersion. Last night, a four-foot-long crocodile had entered the pond which was safely rescued by our team and was handed over to the Forest department," said Yuvraj Rajput, a member of the Wildlife Rescue Trust Vadodara.

Rajput mentioned that the crocodiles come from the Vishwamitri river which flows nearby the pond and said, "The river is getting cleaned so the crocodiles tend to escape and often find themselves in this artificial pond".

Earlier this year, another crocodile measuring about 10-11 feet was rescued from a constriction site in the Kelanpur area of Vadodara. (ANI)

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