Four-month-old baby boy may lose vision and hearing ability

Nur Aqidah Azizi

SEREMBAN: There is fear that a four-month-old baby boy who was admitted to hospital after he was found unconscious while under the care of his babysitter here, may lose his vision and hearing abilities.

His mother, Zura Emilia Mokhtar, said a doctor had confirmed this after her son was discharged from Tuanku Jaafar Hospital (TJH) here last Thursday.

"The doctor had confirmed that there was some bleeding found in his eyes which could cause the vision problem. Based on the hearing test conducted on him, it was also found that his hearing ability had also been affected," she said.

Zura said that at the moment, doctor has yet to confirm on whether the condition of the toddler would return to normal.

"I just followed whatever advice and treatment recommended by the doctor. Apart from that, my husband and me had also tried alternative treatments to help our son " she said.

"Honestly, I am saddened by what had happened to my son. But I cannot be disheartened. We will try our best to help him," she said.

Asked on the latest development of the toddler, Zura said her son now no longer needs supports from the breathing machine and can consume milk as usual.

"He's just a bit quiet compared to before and no longer reacts to the sounds and voices around him. I hope Malaysians will continue to pray for my son’s recovery," she said.

The media had previously reported that the toddler was in critical condition after internal bleeding was detected in his brain and eyes, when he was found unconscious at his babysitter’s house in Mambau near here on Aug 20.

The incident went viral on various social media platforms, with netizens had been expressing an outpouring of sympathy towards the family.

The Magistrate's Court here had fixed Oct 1 for the remention of the case involving the 23-year-old babysitter. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd