Four-year-old Sahib Singh is Burberry’s first-ever Sikh model

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Burberry has cast four-year-old Sahib Singh as its first-ever Sikh model.

The British luxury fashion brand that released its new Children’s Autumn-Winter 2022 campaign this week featured Singh wearing a padded puffer jacket with a matching cardigan, shorts, and T-shirt.

The London-based model is also pictured wearing a patka – the turban worn by boys in the Sikh community – which is a first for the brand.

As soon as the campaign was launched, it started getting a lot of positive comments from the global Sikh community.

“This little Sikh boy might not turn out to be a supermodel, but a super job now will inspire a lot of other kids. Well done, Burberry, for being creative and responsible!” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another person said: “Gratified to Burberry for giving the leap representation to a Sikh. This is unprecedented that such a world-class noble brand has postered some boy with ‘Patka’ on his head.”

One person wrote: “What a handsome little boy. Burberry has chosen a Sikh child to advertise its children’s clothes, which is a sign of recognition of the unique identity.”

Influencer Harkirat Kaur Kukreja wrote: “As a mother of two Pakta wearing Sikh boys, I am absolutely elated with Burberry featuring a beautiful Sikh boy on their social media. This is the beginning of all things good. Sikhs in general and Sikh boys and girls in particular deserve to be seen and acknowledged even more.”

Another person wrote: “The new Burberry kids campaign with the little Sikh boy just shows big brands have been missing the mark for years. Look at the amount of likes and comments compared to the other posts.”

Singh’s parents, who handle his social media accounts, also shared behind the scene videos and images from the Burberry shoot.

“Bursting with pride for our little Singh!” they wrote. “He had so much fun at this shoot and we really loved meeting everyone on set.