France increases aid to Khmer Rouge tribunal

News Desk in Phnom Penh/The Cambodia Herald
Asia News Network

Phnom Penh (The Cambodia Herald/ANN) - France has decided to increase its aid to the Khmer Rouge tribunal from 300,000 euros (US$406,000) to 500,000 euros ($676,000) this year, French Ambassador Serge Mostura said Tuesday.

He said French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, in Cambodia for the cremation of the late King Sihanouk on Monday, discussed the increase during talks with Prime Minister Hun Sen.

During his visit, the ambassador said Ayrault also met with tribunal judges and French embassy staff.

Mostura said the French aid would take time to reach the court, urging parties to work closely together.

The Khmer Rouge tribunal has not been paying salaries to locally-employed staff since December.