France will limit supply of Ukrainian grain to Europe

Emmanuel Macron, President of France
Emmanuel Macron, President of France

France will insist on limiting the import of Ukrainian wheat to the EU, French President Emmanuel Macron said at a press conference in Brussels, Ukrainian state news outlet Ukrinform reported on March 23.

Macron added that he hopes to find a balance by limiting certain items of Ukrainian agricultural exports.

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"France's position is to obtain guarantees for the inclusion of grain, which includes categories that have not been included so far, in the list of goods subject to restrictions," Macron said.

Macron declared that he beleives that these limitations are absolutely fair and proportional. According to French President, destabilization of the European food market should not be allowed.

"We need to find a balance here,” Macron explained.

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“We want Ukraine and its producers to be able to continue exporting in these difficult conditions - this was the initial goal, and we are sticking to it. But we don't want only a few producers to be behind this, and someone to have certain vested interests. Sometimes it is European producers or large groups that are going to take advantage of this agreement to produce in Ukraine and reimport under less burdensome rules."

He also said that he had shared his position with the President of Ukraine.

"This is completely justified, as I explained very well to President Zelenskyy, because it is also what makes Ukraine's European perspective and its own candidacy acceptable," Macron said.

Earlier, five countries called on the European Union to ban grain imports from Russia and Belarus, which it had not done at the time – ostensibly to avoid punishing the citizens of those countries.

According to Ukraine’s Economy Ministry, the European Parliament is planning to ban Russia and Belarusian grain exports in April.

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