French soccer federation condemns Nice player Atal for reportedly reposting hate speech against Jews

Algeria soccer player Youcef Atal, who plays for French Ligue 1 side Nice, apologized Sunday after reportedly reposting and then deleting a video that called for “a black day for Jews.”

French Football Federation President Philippe Diallo said Atal had relayed “appeals for violence." Diallo said in a statement that he “condemns them with the greatest severity."

“Hate speech will not be allowed,” Diallo said.

The federation's ethics committee is taking over the case, he added.

Writing on Instagram, the defender said he understood that his post “shocked several people, which was not my intention." He apologized.

Atal also said he condemns all forms of violence, “no matter where in the world.”

French sports newspaper l'Equipe reported that Atal had quickly deleted the video he'd reposted Saturday in which a Palestinian preacher called for “a black day for Jews” and for support of Gaza residents “if they throw the stone.”


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