To All Fresh Grads: 8 Things To Change In Your Social Media Accounts If You Want To Be Employed

Wincy Aquino Ong

To All Fresh Grads:

8 Things To Change

in Your Social Media Accounts

If  You Want To Be Employed

By Wincy Aquino Ong

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Unless you’re the heir to a sugar-cane empire or your last name’s Ayala, chances are, after graduating, you need to find a job.

Here’s a tip. Your resumé and your charms aren’t enough to cut it. Mind you, HR people nowadays do a lot of snooping online. Yes, before they make that decision whether or not to invite you to Orientation Day, they will inspect your social media accounts like a police dog does a balikbayan box.

Face the facts, rookies! Here are 8 things you should change in your social media accounts (and other computer-related things like e-mail) if you want those two paychecks every month.

The eggs on Twitter.


Lest you are a serial killer or one of those Pisonet trolls who get paid during election time, put something on your Twitter profile pic to make that egg go away. Even your worst 2 x 2 photo would do.

 Photos of you drunk.


Yep, this is the time of your life when the four-year party that was college has ended, and adulting has begun.

Sober up to reality. That IG photo where you’re totally plastered after that beer pong championship will make HR people take a rain check.


Those rants on Facebook with a lot of PIs.


Sure, there are a lot of things in this country that’ll get you riled up. And sure, venting out your frustrations by using spicy language can be cathartic.

But, hey, can you just post them on a secret blog? Employers wouldn’t like to hire someone who curses like a sailor—especially in the BPO industry.


Fictional past jobs.

Via Facebook

Really? You’re putting Bikini Inspector on your LinkedIn profile? It was funny for at least five seconds. Now the joke’s on you.  Don’t be like these guys.