Friday's Morning Email: This Is How Much Your Health Insurance Rates Are Going Up


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THIS IS HOW MUCH YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE RATES ARE GOING UP Rates are rising 7 percent to 38 percent more than they would have without Trump’s Obamacare sabotage for those who use the exchanges or purchase their coverage directly from a health insurance company or through a broker. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook] YOUR LOCAL CVS MAY SOON ALSO BE YOUR INSURER In a move to compete with Amazon’s likely foray into the health care market, CVS is in talks to buy major health insurer Aetna. [HuffPost] HOUSE REPUBLICANS APPROVE BUDGET In a step toward the tax cuts the GOP has been promising. [HuffPost] NEW AERIAL IMAGES SHOW NORTH KOREA’S SECRET NETWORK OF PRISONS “Pyongyang denies the existence of its political penal labor camps, known as kwan-li-so, and says prisoners in its long-term ‘re-education’ penitentiaries, termed kyo-hwa-so and run by a police force known as the Ministry of People’s Security, are treated with ‘warm love and consideration.’” [HuffPost] TRUMP DECLARED THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC A NATIONAL PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY With a moving speech invoking his brother’s struggle with addiction. There’s just one large problem ― he’s not directing any money to fund the fight. [HuffPost] OVER 300 PEOPLE HAVE CHIMED IN WITH THEIR OWN JAMES TOBACK HARASSMENT STORIES According to the Los Angeles Times reporter who broke the initial story. And Selma Blair And Rachel McAdams spoke out about their own terrifying experiences with the director [HuffPost] FOX NEWS AD REVENUE WAS DOWN 17 PERCENT IN SEPTEMBER MSNBC is up 2 percent, while CNN is down 1 percent. [HuffPost] THOSE RELEASED JFK DOCUMENTS DON’T MAKE HIS ASSASSINATION ANY LESS MYSTERIOUS They reveal more questions than answers about Lee Harvey Oswald. [HuffPost] WHAT’S BREWING

SO MUCH FOR ‘NO SCRUBS’ “The uniform of America’s healthcare armies is seen by some as a disease risk for patients, but they’re also immensely profitable.” [Bloomberg] DON’T LIKE CLOWNS? Don’t go to Burger King on Halloween. [HuffPost] A DISTURBING DOCUMENTARY REVEALED SLAVE-LIKE CONDITIONS IN A HARIBO GUMMIES FACTORY Along with animal cruelty. [HuffPost] HERE’S HOW CITIES CAN FIGHT THE AIR POLLUTION That kills millions each year. [HuffPost] FOLLOW THE EDISON BULBS And you’ll find gentrification. [City Lab] DISNEY CHANNEL’S ‘ANDI MACK’ WILL MAKE HISTORY With the channel’s first coming out storyline. [HuffPost]



  Jane Fonda believes people are listening because the Weinstein victims have been famous and white. Former Fox Host Eric Bolling says his son died of an accidental overdose. Veteran political journalist Mark Halperin is out at NBC and his project killed at HBO following sexual harassment allegations. “When white hate comes to town.” Take a look at this incredible New York Times interactive feature on the “uninhabitable villages” of India, where hotter temperatures are destroying the harvest. Inside Sweden’s mysterious resignation syndrome. So Ikea implied women in China are nothing without a boyfriend in this ad. Lovely. This is the original Harry Potter synopsis publishers rejected over 20 years ago, and it makes us want to reread the whole series all over again.  We were not ready for Taylor Swift’s nude bionic turn in her new music video for ”...Ready For It?” This 10-year-old took police on an 100-mph car chase. Kelly Clarkson is bringing it on her new album. In St. Louis, this woman is making a change one meal at a time. It’s another video pivot for Spotify. Hallmark is already showing Christmas movies. There have been a lot of profiles on Anna Faris and her memoir. This is the one to read. No one is mad about Tony Romo’s narration of a kitten that escapedonto the field during Thursday Night Football. This New York Times comment went so very wrong. Behind Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth’s powerhouse year. So apparently James Corden and Anna Wintour are buds. And take a look at these last-minute Halloween costume ideas for the family.


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