"Friendly Fire" angers China

"Friendly Fire" angers China

26 Dec – TVB's new drama, "Friendly Fire" has been criticised for its depiction of mainland Chinese people.

Popular Asians reported that recently, mainland netizens were enraged with a scene in the drama that was deemed insulting.

In the scene, actress Mandy Wong plays an illegal mainland pregnant woman called Fei Fei who was criticised by a Hong Kong woman for eating hot pot in the hospital room. Fei Fei then exclaimed, "All you Hong Kong people know are to file complaints. You can't understand at all". After an argument, Fei Fei's husband later retorted, "You Hong Kong people are of such low quality!"

The mentioned scene was similar to a real-life situation last year, when a Hong Kong mother had complained about a mainland mother for eating hot pot in a hospital room.

Mainland netizens who watched the drama were deeply offended in how they were being portrayed, claiming "Friendly Fire" to be anti-mainland China. They also demanded TVB to make an apology.

Asked if he is not afraid that his drama will not be shown in mainland China due to the controversy, producer Man Wai Hung stated, "I am from a Hong Kong broadcasting company, and I want more freedom in my creativity."

"Friendly Fire" stars Michael Tse, Tavia Yeung, Sammy Leung, and Sharon Chan.