Friends Summon Evil Forces in the Trailer for Supernatural Horror 'Tarot'


Mess around with dark forces and you’ll be in trouble, a new supernatural horror film warns. Based on Nicholas Adams’ novel of the same name, Tarot is a creepy warning to what could happen when you recklessly draw the psychic cards.

“Welcome to the circle,” voices narrate in the trailer’s opening. “One more at the heart. With this final card, your meeting will start.”

A group of friends in college decide to play around with tarot cards but in doing so, violate one of tarot’s rules: don’t play with another person’s deck.

After the evening, the friends quickly begin succumbing to the fate foreshadowed by the cards they drew and face off with some of the unseemly characters, such as the Hermit and High Priestess.

Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg are directing Tarot in the feature directorial debut. Harriet Slater, Adain Bradley, Avantika, Jacob Batalon and Larsen Thompson star as the group of friends.

Tarot will premiere exclusively in theaters this May. Watch the official trailer for the supernatural horror above.