Friendster helps you discover your secret admirers

Winnie Nelson
Friendster helps you discover your secret admirers

Friendster is back with a vengeance. After its relaunch in May 2012, the social network has re-imagined itself into a social discovery and gaming platform, and is now offering a new way of finding your secret admirers, among other new features.

Friendster is now back with more social features to enhance social engagement among users. Now, members get to enjoy an expanded profile function that allows easy searching of long lost friends or even that special someone you’ve met at a recent party. Using Friendster Finder, users can now search for Friendster profiles. You can also connect with new friends through matching profiles and even indicate a crush.

A new social notification called “My Crushes” allows you to view updates from people you like. Going further, the “My Admirers” feature can be used to find out who among other Friendster users likes you. “My Matches” can also get you better acquainted with newly established connections. With these features, you can easily discover who has a crush on you.

Friendster also lets users purchase value-added services (VAS) through virtual currency, which lets users purchase a Friendster Finder VIP Pack, which pushes profiles to the top of search results, or even place their profile photograph on the Friendster Finder VIPs banner.

Relaunched in May 2012, Friendster is constantly making improvements and implementing new contents. With various selections of free-to-play online games from eight different genres such as role-playing, strategy and simulations, users get to earn reward points for every activity; including adding and engaging with friends, playing games, or even simply logging in daily.

The social gaming service has been considered the “granddaddy” of social networking, having started far ahead of today’s popular players like Facebook. But as the social networking landscape changed, Friendster found the need to pivot, and refocused its efforts on being a social gaming platform, mostly for the Asia Pacific audience. Friendster operates from Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore.

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