From Tinder to Bumble: Dating apps now not just a metro thing

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The number of dating applications available on both the iPhone and Android platforms has escalated in the last year. There are hundreds of different types of applications available, but how do you know which one is best for you?

We go through the different styles of dating apps available today and why they're no longer just for metro cities.

India's dating apps now are not just a ‘metro’ thing!

As online dating has grown in popularity, many new and prominent Indian dating app providers have emerged to meet the demand for meeting new people from both urban and the suburbs. Seeking your soul mate in today's modern world is difficult, but it has become easier with the Internet's aid. With leading brands like Tinder and Bumble making their presence known, the Indian dating scene is one of the most exciting on the planet.

As a result, many Indian dating apps now are not just a 'metro' thing. These apps offer a diverse range of choices for people looking for love, friendship, or a date all over the world.

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5 Best Dating Apps in India

The best dating apps in India for meeting new people and communicating with them are described below. Choose your favourite and get started.

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It's clear why the famous dating app Tinder has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. Dating apps abound, but when it comes to the most convenient, we've discovered Tinder to be the finest dating tool. This is a brand-new, cross-platform dating app that helps you to instantly find your dream mate from thousands of members from around the world.


Bumble, a dating app, is a modern and creative way to communicate with people using your mobile phone. You will instantly identify people based on their location,

preferences, or hobbies. This is fantastic for all of us who don't necessarily have the opportunity to connect in person. The best thing is that you don't need to leave your house to start engaging with other people because it's so easy! What else should you wish for? There are no strings tied, and there are no taxes to compensate, so what else should you ask for?


OkCupid is a new social networking platform that aims to have a more in-depth environment for its users with its dating app. Although the website is only in its early stages of growth, it has already drawn many users. It makes use of Facebook's well-known wall to show users their connections and allow them to chat with other users. Members with the most current edition of this app would talk with other users who have signed up for it.


The dating app - TrulyMadly has been launched to make it easy for lovers to go about their everyday lives. It makes it simple for people to find their ideal partner, particularly those who are too busy to go on a date. Many users are already utilizing this service to set up dates with people they know online or in public places like the gym or a park. And those who don't have time to go out and pick a date, this has been immensely useful. People may use dating apps to find someone to meet, whether it's for a first date, friendship, or a long-term partnership.


Woo, an online dating app, has taken all measures before opening the app to the public to ensure that users' data is covered. This application's functionality and layout have been built. Every person, regardless of venue, will build a profile that will draw prospective 'urban' and partners from suburbs for friendship, dating, and marriage!

So, without any delay, begin your quest for an online dating app by picking your favourite one.