Frustrated gardener catches ‘mysterious’ jalapeño thief ‘green-handed’: ‘Leave out some chips and salsa next time’

Gardening can be a lot of work between planting, watering, and harvesting. This makes it especially frustrating when you see your work going to waste when a conniving animal gets the best of your crop.

One Reddit user shared a video of a “mysterious jalapeno pepper thief” — who turned out to be a squirrel — munching on their garden plants on the r/gardening forum.

Frustrated gardener catches 'mysterious' jalapeño thief ‘green-handed’.
Photo Credit: u/throwawaymyalias / Reddit

Other users were astonished by the bold behavior of the animal. The squirrel is shown standing on its back legs, making quick work of the peppers and their leaves. The animal appears unbothered by anything else going on — instead, it’s focused on enjoying a snack in the sunshine. It continues to eat, standing on its back legs for the duration of the video, which is nothing short of a feat of balance.

Gardeners don’t always have to let the wildlife eat their bounty and hard work. One farmer explained that users can spray hot sauce on their plants to prevent pesky squirrels from eating them. The account also shared that farmers can plant especially hot peppers, but it’s clear that the Scoville Scale won’t stop determined animals like the one in the video.

Another TikTok user showed folks how to plant their garden with forks sticking up to ward off birds and squirrels. This infrastructure prevents the animals from accessing the plants and can make your garden look eclectic. In addition, it’s a great way to reuse plastic takeout utensils that would otherwise be thrown away.

Reddit users were impressed by how peaceful the poster was in letting the squirrel enjoy its meal. “You have to say something, don’t be rude just let the pepper thief know those are your peppers,” shared one user.

Several other Redditors joked about how the poster’s gardening quickly became a buffet. “Jalapeño thief? Leave out some chips and salsa next time. And maybe some tea to wash it down,” one user wrote.

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