Fuji TV revives "Iron Chef"

Fuji TV revives "Iron Chef"

11 Sep – Fuji TV has announced that it would be reviving its original "Iron Chef" cooking show, according to Tokyo Hive.

Fuji TV's director of production Arai Akihiro announced that the highly popular television show, where chefs specialized in a particular style of cooking are challenged by participating chefs for the title of 'Iron Chef', would be brought back after 13 years in the station's October lineup.

"The show travelled the world, and has been polished up and weeded out. The new 'Iron chef' will be the world version that we can show now in the year 2012," he said during the press conference to announce the lineup.

In its original Japanese title, "Ryuori no Tetsujin", the show started in 1993 and ended after a six year run on Japanese televisions, which received high ratings despite have a late night slot. The show format was then adapted in the United States, where it was re-titled as 'Iron Chef' in 2004 and was broadcasted in 80 countries.

Although more details about the new batch of 'Iron Chefs' would be announced later, it would be placed at a new time slot on Fridays.