FVR my No.1 supporter, critic – Rody

FVR my No.1 supporter, critic – Rody

President Duterte has described former president Fidel Ramos as “my number one supporter and critic” for openly criticizing him on some of his decisions and policy pronouncements.

Duterte said the presence of critics is an indication that democracy in the country remains healthy.

“Former president Fidel Ramos (is) my number one critic and number one supporter and that is good. You know, decent criticism would make this democratic country healthy,” Duterte said during the San Beda College of Law alumni homecoming in Taguig last Saturday. 

Despite his differences with Ramos – who was in the audience – on some issues, Duterte was all praises for the former president during the event.

He said unlike other former presidents, Ramos did not neglect the problems posed by terrorists.

“I would rather deal with terrorism because actually, it’s just violence for a moment,” he said.

“After the encounter, at least you know that you’ll suffer some wounds or you die, but we neglected it except during the time of president Ramos.

“I’m not saying this because he’s here but because simply it’s the truth. Because during his time, policemen are working and are afraid. They are afraid because he was a PC chief. He used to head the Philippine Constabulary. But I’m sorry to say, during the two administrations, it was neglected. It was really neglected and they were just paying lip service. They knew.” 

Duterte also backed Ramos’ decision to hold peace talks with Moro rebels in Mindanao.

“I agree with president Ramos. There can never be a real fight, you just have to talk,” he said.

“I was asking pointblank questions. The media then asked, ‘Mr. President, this is your sixth visit to the wounded and slain soldiers. When will you finish the Abu Sayyaf?’ I said ‘What do you want? I mean I could do it, I could burn Jolo now, I could bomb the place.”