G-Dragon is richest star again

G-Dragon is richest star again

6 June – South Korean rapper and singer G-Dragon is named the star with the highest royalties again, thanks to his composing and producing talents.

As reported on Allkpop, on the 4 June episode of SBS' "Good Day", the ranking of idol groups based on the amount of royalties received were exposed, and it was revealed that Big Bang's G-Dragon, Kangta, and B2ST's Jun-hyung were the ones who made the highest royalties.

According to the ranking, this is the second consecutive time that Big Bang's G-Dragon ranked top with the highest royalties received. The Big Bang leader once boasted on SBS' "Go Show" saying that "The amount of royalties that I get is huge," and was reportedly received over a billion Won as royalties in a year.

The second star with the highest royalties is Kangta. Singer-actor and Kangta's best friend Lee Ji-hoon once revealed that the singer is nicknamed "Money King". He said, "Kangta pays for people almost all the time. His nickname is Money King. He receives a lot of money every month because he's made a lot of songs for several years." The singer had reportedly registered over 100 songs in Korea Music Copyright Association and is receiving at least five hundred million every year.

Meanwhile, rising star, B2ST's Jun-hyung rounds up the top three. In an episode of MBC's "Golden Fishery", Jun-hyung admitted that his income is the highest of all B2ST members because of the royalties.