G.E.M Tang denied provocative photos were hers

G.E.M Tang denied provocative photos were hers

26 Jul – Hong Kong singer G.E.M Tang's record label, Hummingbird Music, has recently released a statement denying allegations saying that a series of provocative photos that were released online recently were of her.

According to QQ News, the company slammed the perpetrators for circulating such photos and for slandering G.E.M, saying that it has affected both the singer and the company's image and reputation.

Hummingbird Music also stressed their right to take legal action and encouraged the media to boycott such malicious attempt to smear the good name of G.E.M and the company.

The singer herself also expressed her anger towards the issue on Weibo, saying, "Which is heavier – 10 kg of cotton or 1 kg of iron? I will not let myself be in the same situation twice. I swear that as soon as I wipe my tears, I will give the audience who love me a wonderful concert."

"You can go on hurting me, but I won't die. I will love those who love me even more!" She added.

(Photo credit: hk-magazine.com)