G-Shock pays homage to Bruce Lee

G-Shock has unveiled a new limited-edition watch dedicated to the famous actor Bruce Lee, who would have celebrated his 80th birthday this year. There will only be 300 copies of the new timepiece, which will be exclusively available from the G-Shock Store.

From the color palette to the inscriptions and engraving, all of the details of this new MRG-G2000BL have been customized to pay homage to the actor and director Bruce Lee, who died at aged only 32 in 1973. Considered to be one of the greatest masters of martial arts and the creator of his own martial arts technique and philosophy, Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee would have been 80 years old this year.

This anniversary was the point of departure for G-Shock to create a model that would bear his name. The MRG-G2000BL features a titanium case and black and yellow bracelet, two colors that reference the tracksuit worn by the actor in his final film "Game of Death." The indices, second hand and MR-G logo are in yellow and red, the colors of the emblem of Jeet Kune Do.

Strongly identified with its creator, Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do is the subject of particular attention in this creation which references its philosophy with the phrase "Using no way as a way, having no limitation as limitation," which is engraved in Chinese characters on the bezel and on the back of the case.

Decoration with characters for Bruce Lee's signature and nickname complete the customization of the timepiece, which is resistant to shock, vibration and magnetic fields. Only 300 copies of the solar-powered watch, which is handmade in Japan, will be produced. Fans of the martial arts legend will have to be ready to pounce when they go on sale online from G-Stock Store.

G-Shock x Bruce Lee video: https://youtu.be/hHjXJQ4AbGQ.