Gaile Lok admits she's target of online harassments for years

20 Nov – Model-actress Gaile Lok recently admitted that she has been a target of online harassment for the past couple of years.

As reported on ET Today, the actress, who recently announced that she is pregnant with her first child, has reportedly received over 100 messages - all from the same netizen using several different accounts - filled with insults, threats, and false allegations.

The netizen claimed to be Gaile's lover and alleged that Gaile had toyed with his emotions by supposedly telling him that her husband Ian is gay.

"You've been toying with my feelings. Don't you think your baby will have karma?" he wrote in another post.

When asked about it, Gaile admitted that she has considered going to the police and filing a report, especially since the person had also harassed her husband's family and blackmailing her for money.

However, she decided not to do it so not to further angering the other party, hoping that it could end peacefully. Furthermore, Gaile stated that she doesn't understand Chinese that much, so the messages don't really affect her.

"I hope now that the matter is made public, the other party will stop these harassments. We have more important things to do. We also hope that people could just stop harassing others on social media," she said.

(Photo Source: Gaile Lok Instagram)