Gaile Lok finally pregnant with first baby

13 Nov – Model-actress Gaile Lok recently admitted that she is having a baby.

As reported on ET Net, the actress confirmed her pregnancy recently, after a photo of her seen with a baby bump while walking her dogs made it into the tabloids.

Gaile revealed that she has been pregnant for more than three months, and that her due date is somewhere between April and May 2019.

As for the gender of the baby, the "Husband Killers" actress said that it is still unknown for now.

This is the first pregnancy for Gaile, who got married for the second time to boyfriend Ian Chu in August last year. It is a known fact that the actress has been preparing herself for pregnancy since her marriage.

Prior to Ian, Gaile was married to Cantopop King Leon Lai, who also recently welcomed his first baby with girlfriend Wing.

(Photo Source: Gaile Lok Instagram)